Chi Cubs vs. Cincinnati
4 : 4
Philadelphia vs. Milwaukee
2 : 1
Oakland vs. San Francisco
1 : 0
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10/02/2011 12:00 AM
I recommend any one of these three. Of course not in any necessary order but I do have accounts at the first two.


Plus here at BTB you can participate and take advantage of all the free contests we have to offer during the heart of the sports season. You can also take advantage of deposit deals that are given by the books plus follow some of the top cappers here who provide their winning plays week after week. These three are the most reliable when it comes to deposits, withdrawals and customer service.
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07/12/2013 02:25 AM
It's already a year I'm using for live betting and never had any problems. Give a try.
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07/12/2013 01:08 PM
Everyone shoud try out Wagerweb also. We are having some huge contests running there this year and they have a great relationship with BTB and Spooky. GL
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