Houston vs. Oakland
3 : 11
Arizona vs. LA Dodgers
2 : 1
Brooklyn vs. Toronto 04/19/2014 12:30 PM
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Floridaboy goes 9-0 on yesterday's Monitor picks

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On 03/21/2013 11:07 AM in General
CONGRATS on the great day Floridaboy...

I hope you continue on the roll and cap lots of winners to share with us!
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Pfile Nickname btb
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03/21/2013 11:16 AM
NICE! Congrats... perfect timing now you can roll that on some doggies today!
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Pfile Nickname thehitman
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03/23/2013 10:09 AM
Good job !
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Pfile Nickname floridaboy
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03/23/2013 11:00 AM
Hey, thanks guys... A few were gimmes but I felt strong about all the spreads. Let's hope we can all continue to win. Good luck!
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