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On 10/01/2011 03:57 PM in Contests


Here is the new line for the Yankees/Detroit game. JRICH, Finance, Hughmorris are the only people allowed to play since they were the only ones in contention who posted yesterday. All three people must see this and make plays or post “taking a pass” for this to count. Plays can be emailed to me at [email protected] if you choose to. If I don’t hear from all three people by the start of the game, we will not use anything for today and have one makeup day on Sunday for those three people.

Hopes this clears everything up. The suspended game really screwed stuff up on the last day.

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10/01/2011 04:13 PM

Nyy -146

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10/01/2011 04:15 PM

Sorry -156

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10/01/2011 08:48 PM

Did not get picks from everybody, so I can only assume that not everybody saw this, so the only fair thing to do is play again tomorrow to make up for the last day.

For the three guys who need to post, please check in here so I know you read this.

Tomorrow is the last day no matter what.

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10/01/2011 09:05 PM

Hey Mark!!!

Thanks Brother

Just read this cya in tommorows post