Dallas vs. San Antonio 04/20/2014 01:00 PM
Line: +9½    Total: 206
Toronto vs. Cleveland 04/20/2014 01:05 PM
ML: TOR (-115) Total: 8½
LA Angels vs. Detroit 04/20/2014 01:08 PM
ML: DET (-140) Total: 9
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JustBet Worst SportsBook I've Used

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On 02/17/2013 02:35 PM in Sportsbooks
Justbet is the worst sportsbook I've used. Especially for a 1st half better like me, They offer a lot of college games and some of these games are big ones, like the upcoming Arizona vs Utah, ok they have a spread for the game but none for the 1st half. Once the half is over they should have one for the second half though. Other games they won't offer a game spread but will do a 2nd half spread. It's just strange. Don't tie your money up in this book because all the bets you want probably won't be there.
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Pfile Nickname btb
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02/17/2013 03:29 PM
I dont bet much 1st 2nd half stuff myself in hoops but do in NFL. That said I like to have 3-4 outs for it, use Justbet, Bookmaker, 5Dimes and Bovada. Havent really sat down to really look at their lines I go for the best obviously if one doesnt have I am on to the next. My favorite thing about JB is that they have Money Order withdrawls and good bonuses.
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  • 02/17/2013 04:03 PM
    I'm a rookie so I don't use a bunch of books at once but I see how that's a good idea.
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Pfile Nickname finance
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02/17/2013 08:22 PM
Yes you need several books to work with. Just Bet is a must have if you are a football teaser player as they have some I the lowest juice I have found at all levels of teasers...
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02/19/2013 06:15 PM
Sizzle--more tahn one out is a good idea on many fronts. One you may not think of-site downtimes and outages (hurricane/storm season) included. And, most of all, it pays to shop around and even catch a decent middle once in awhile
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  • 02/19/2013 06:19 PM
    hard to find middles unless you're using Bovada or Sports Interaction
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  • 02/19/2013 06:46 PM
    If you bet Dogs Bovada is a must! They always have juiced lines... I have seen as much as a 2pts during football season.

    Too bad Sports Interaction doesnt take new US clients I liked them.
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