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On 09/29/2011 12:40 PM in NFL

Let Down Week

Let down week for the Giants and Bills this week? Both had huge divisional games. Bills dont scare me as much but the Giants traveling cross country is hard enough, throw in how well they played last week puts them in a tough spot.

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09/30/2011 07:58 AM

Definitely betting Cincy this week

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09/30/2011 08:49 AM

I like your breakdown btb. Going with a small parlay on the Cinci and Arizona, 1 unit.

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09/30/2011 10:10 AM

NFLman maybe you have the numbers on this but I would bet that the numbers for a team on the road after a divisional matchup are favorable for the home team. Further I would bet that going East to West coast is even better. Hard to bet against my Giants but I wouldnt bet on them this week...

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  • 09/30/2011 03:30 PM

    Sorry boss the database doesn't support that data.

    There are indicators based on one injury report anomaly and a statistical anomaly as well that are flawless this season and with a very large sample size. But no room here to spell all of that out.

    Fundamentally, I can say that its hard for a coach to keep building a fire under his players when they are playing at such a high level as Buffalo is, you have to imagine Gailey letting up a little here in hope that he can cruise through Cincinnati.

    On the other hand, you have Cincinnati with their season going down the tubes if they lose another game and fall to 1-3 so you have to expect all of the Bengals being very up for this game and that's more than enough to solidify the play as fundamentally sound.

    The Bengals are bringing a very competitive defense to the table, and a very healthy strong offensive line unit.

    The younger Bengals players at the skill positions have my complete faith here. I like Dalton, Bernard Scott, Brian Leonard.

    The Cedric Benson suspension is not as bad as many will initially perceive it to be. Just like the loss of Peyton Hillis didn't hurt Cleveland last week. A player with as many problems as Benson, can't be a good presence and I think the team is more likely to build the rally they need without him

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09/30/2011 11:04 AM

I was liking those Bills this week. I just don't think Cincy has anything for them.

It does have that Atlanta rises up to the occasion to beat Philly then goes to TB and plays like a turd feeling to it though.

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10/02/2011 12:28 AM

I considered the letdown on the Bills but ultimately I just don't trust Cincy and don't think they can score enough points to keep pace with the Bills. Good luck!