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On 01/27/2013 12:21 AM in NFL

Quick Hello & Pro Bowl

Now that it is Super Bowl week down here and Marti Gras being the following week - life in my line of work is pretty busy and pretty much around the clock!

With so little time to study, I probably won't be posting much but I'll surely be watching for thoughts on plays!

Today I managed to get in a couple of 2nd half NBA plays that won but that's about all I had time for!

Is anyone betting the Pro Bowl? In years past the score has been somewhat high - I suppose due to the lack of a lot of the normal rules being inforced as well as most of the players seem to just be there for the fun! Personally I wish the game had more meaning and was taken more seriously! But I suppose that's the football junkie in me talking!

Anyway, I'm open to hearing thoughts!

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