ralph26 Posts:14 Followers:0
On 01/23/2013 12:45 PM in NCAA Basketball

I'm new BTB hopefully I can help every people in this forum

St.John's + 4.5

Good Luck To Everyone

endymion Posts:385 Followers:17
01/23/2013 12:48 PM

Welcome Ralph and good luck

ralph26 Posts:14 Followers:0
01/23/2013 01:01 PM

Thank You Endymion

spooky Posts:4079 Followers:294
01/23/2013 01:45 PM

Best of luck Ralph. Look forward to your posts and contributions.

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finance Posts:8116 Followers:219
01/23/2013 01:46 PM

Hey Ralph welcome aboard! Glad you found us and good luck with the Johnnies tonight!

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marksmoneymakers Posts:9047 Followers:137
01/23/2013 02:48 PM

Welcome to Bang The Book Ralph. I went the opposite of you on this one, but that might be good for you. I have been ice cold. Keep those posts coming.

ralph26 Posts:14 Followers:0
01/23/2013 02:50 PM

Thank you Spooky...Good Luck to you buddy

ralph26 Posts:14 Followers:0
01/23/2013 02:51 PM

Thanks Finance

bobalou Posts:4887 Followers:142
01/23/2013 02:51 PM

Welcome Ralph! Thanks for the play and look forward to more in the future :)

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ralph26 Posts:14 Followers:0
01/23/2013 03:09 PM

Thanks Bobalou