Charlotte vs. Miami
72 : 79
LA Angels vs. Washington
2 : 1
Kansas City vs. Cleveland
3 : 3
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Is anybody here not excited about the Superbowl??

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On 01/21/2013 07:26 AM in NFL
Hopefully I will be as we get closer. Something about Baltimore being in it just does nothing for me. You do have to wonder if they are a team of fate this year and could knock of the niners.
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Pfile Nickname sharpsquare
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01/21/2013 12:08 PM

Not real excited about this matchup at all really . Only way to make it interesting for me to even watch will be to get plenty prop's bet and some spots in square pools etc.
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01/21/2013 01:25 PM
A-Men - other than that and the commercials probably will be a boring game.......sure will hear enough about the Harbaughs for the next 2 weeks to make me ill.....LOL
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01/21/2013 01:47 PM
I was just thinking the same thing.. At first I thought how neat... brothers coaching against each other in the Superbowl. Then I got to thinking about how many interviews I was going to have to sit thru with Mom, Dad, the neighbors and the Dog and decided it wasn't going to be so neat after all
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