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On 01/14/2013 08:24 AM in NCAA Basketball

monday ncaa hoops

One Unit (30-36)(-8.50)
Two Unit (12-16)(-11.20)
Three Unit (12-9)(+6.30)
Five Unit (5-2)(+14.00)
OVERALL SEASON (59-63)(+0.60)

Din not play on Sunday. Too depressed after my horrible day on Saturday dropping 9.10 units. Time very limited this week. I am back for work after back surgery and they gave me a horrible schedule working mostly until 7:00 to 9:00 at night. Therefor I have to post my plays much earlier than I would like to. Here are Monday’s picks.

All picks just one unit until I snap out of this mini losing streak I am in.

Connecticut +7 vs Louisville……………Just hoping U Conn has some confidence after winning at Notre Dame their last game. Louisville has been great, but even the great teams lose once in while and it is always on the road. Not asking for a win here, just a cover.

Baylor +10.5 vs Kansas…………Kansas has looked very vulnerable past fews games which is surprising since they were at home. Baylor is a dangerous team that does not get blown out too often. Sure it could always happen at Kansas, but I will take the double digits in this one.

The rest of the schedule is full of crap games. They way my luck has been lately, I will be happy with a split tonight. Losing the juice is better than what I have been doing.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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01/14/2013 08:27 AM

GL Mark!

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