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On 09/27/2011 09:53 AM in MLB

Paul Leiner...250* MLB Moneymaker 9/27

sorry guys, two tough losses yesterday in to a great start in the NFL with a 9-1-2 run

250* Over 9.5 Redsox/Orioles
50* Twins -120

junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
09/27/2011 10:46 AM

Good luck Paul

bobalou Posts:4884 Followers:142
09/27/2011 10:50 AM

Bases seem to be getting real tough here at the end of the season.... Looking forward to your playoff picks.. AND CONGRATS Paul on the GREAT start to NFL

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pleiner10 Posts:4459 Followers:41
09/27/2011 10:59 AM

I agree this time of year is tough...only a few teams still fighting and trying to figure out who still cares..goodluck and thanks Bobalou

btsron Posts:8 Followers:0
09/28/2011 12:08 AM

Thank you pleiner with your pickes won 500 thanks bro

pleiner10 Posts:4459 Followers:41
09/28/2011 11:44 AM

awesome Btsron, thats a nice day..goodluck today