Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay
4 : 4
Portland vs. Houston
83 : 77
Philadelphia vs. LA Dodgers
1 : 1
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Pfile Nickname delusion2
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12/27/2012 10:29 PM
yup i split that bowling green
needed San Jose in my ESPN Bowl Mania Bracket ... Bittersweet ..
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Pfile Nickname jimmythegreek
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12/27/2012 10:57 PM
It's nice to finally be lucky than good! Turned a potentially disastrous evening into a very nice profit with San Jose St earlier in the day! Cincinnati was by far my best bowl play out of the entire series, but what looked like no chance early and into the 4th quarter proved to be a gift thanks to that late pick 6! Take it any way we can!

Even if Baylor wins which they look like they are about to it will still prove a huge profitable day. Stranger things have of course happened so hopefully the Bruins can make a crazy comeback!
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  • 12/27/2012 11:02 PM
    I still have faith the Baylor D will tire out and take out that big number 82
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Pfile Nickname finance
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12/28/2012 07:26 AM
Yeah couldn't believe that last play...the Cincy kid easily could have just gone down instead of scoring and the coach probably would have preferred that but how do you tell a defensive college kid to not score in a bowl game? I had Cincy -6 so I was already ok and feel bad for anyone that took the points...bad beat for sure...
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