Cincinnati vs. Chi Cubs 04/18/2014 02:20 PM
Toronto vs. Cleveland 04/18/2014 07:05 PM
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Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh 04/18/2014 07:05 PM
ML: MIL (-102) Total: 7
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On 12/25/2012 10:25 PM in General
Ok for all you guys in the north please excuse my excitement but this is the 1st white Christmas I have had since I was a young girl! (Many moons ago) It started snowing here at the lake in Arkansas @ 6:30pm and it's almost 9:30pm and it's still snowing strong! They are calling for 3-6 inches but we are on the southern corner of the ban that says 6-10 inches so who knows!

Hopefully we won't lose power and heat (75,000 and counting have so far in central Ark) but if so oh well I'll just dig out another blanket lol

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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12/26/2012 09:14 AM
Thought we were going to get lucky and wake up to some white stuff on Xmas morning but the snow turned to rain overnight. Looks like a biggy heading this way. Not looking forward to that. HAve to get the snow blower powered up!

Hope all is well Barb!
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12/31/2012 07:35 PM
My Palm trees need trimmed
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