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On 12/18/2012 04:05 PM in Sportsbooks


Meant to bring this up here a couple days ago when I say news popping up that what was basically written on the wall months ago, but looks like betislands went under took alot of players money. I hope alot of you got out or never went there, by the looks of the silence on it. I think most of you are good. But wanted to post this anyway.

As always stick to the top books, while some may not offer the extravagant bonuses etc.. They do offer financial security and thats all that matters.

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12/18/2012 04:20 PM

Was going to post earlier but been scrambling today with a sick kid....I've been getting e-mails from other books (probably just as bad) telling me all about these guys. I did have an account there but just because they gave me a complimentary free play - never deposited despite all of the e-mails and phone calls....everyone should use reputable sites that are sponsored by this forum or another....and since I got smoked by the BetonSports debacle years ago I certainly limit the amount of funds I have at any one place....

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12/18/2012 04:36 PM

it all broke today

rumors been going around for weeks (because they don't process payouts) but it was finally confirmed that they took off and stole everyone's money

lost 2500

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  • 12/18/2012 04:54 PM

    Damn that REALLY sucks...sorry to hear

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  • 12/18/2012 05:52 PM

    I don't think you can trust anyone anymore

    the reviews of this place were top notch. I heard from a lot of people how great it was, outstanding service, etc.

    I guess all I can say is keep your balance in four figures at books because you never know when they'll take off with your money. They're run by criminals.

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12/18/2012 04:49 PM

Damn. What a bad day for many players. Must have been quite a few big balance holders. They had risky business model with high bonuses but still pretty shocking. SBR was advocating them just recently.

I'm glad I haven't had balance there since summer. Tried them with 100% bonus, but busted out.

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12/18/2012 05:16 PM

As Ryan stated, stick to the top books. When an offier is too good to be true it usually is.
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