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On 12/18/2012 12:02 AM in NBA

NBA Winning Systems

I've created two different systems that have been pretty successful over the past 6 years. The first looks for a team that has an over/under streak of 4 games. Start betting for the streak to end in and chase to recover losses. With a simple filter for bad teams this system would have netted over 400 units in the past six years.

The other system takes teams that have won or lost both SU and ATS. Start betting for the streak to end by either betting against the teams that have won 3 and for teams that have lost 3. The key to this system is to buy 3 points on top of the spread, but only if you can get them at a line of -170. The juice is high, but the chase is only 3-5 games. Simple filters in place to stay away from strong teams or weak teams for each applicable system. This system would have netted 360 units over the past 7 seasons.

If anyone has further questions or would like to get my daily plays send me a PM.