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On 12/12/2012 10:18 AM in Contests

College Bowl Contest OPEN!

We just launched our free 2012-2013 college bowl contest. For full details check it out below


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12/12/2012 10:19 AM

Also just an FYI, the system defaults to Todays games... If you switch to All Games you can bet all the games available for the week.. The week runs from Tuesday to Monday so if you may pick that far ahead each week

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12/12/2012 11:49 AM

At the risk of having his already abnormally large head swell even more we will end up with a 20 way tie for first because we'll all be using Spooky's

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12/12/2012 02:43 PM

thanks for contest.

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12/12/2012 02:48 PM

O'contrare. It's not like we're going to agree on every side and total! Should be a fun contest and many thanks.

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12/13/2012 06:37 AM

Thanks for the great contests.

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12/13/2012 02:19 PM

short on points again lol

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  • 12/13/2012 04:39 PM

    Damn posting!

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  • 12/19/2012 10:53 PM

    I try to post every day but I somehow never have enough with streak taking a point

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12/14/2012 12:37 PM

thanks for another great contest guys - best of luck everyone hopefully we all make the bowl season a profitable one

hitmen44 Posts:2372 Followers:8
12/14/2012 02:57 PM

thanks for the contest.

mojo822 Posts:583 Followers:6
12/15/2012 08:50 AM

Another cool contest this site runs