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On 12/07/2012 09:35 AM in Sportsbooks


I am from ca. I use bookmaker as my bookie. What is the eat way for a payout. Western union or a check? How does the check work?

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12/07/2012 09:40 AM

Being from Canada I think you can use Neteller? That would be the fastest and would set that up if I were you. The other options I think are WU check and wires... Western Union is max 1k per transaction and checks max is 3k... So depending on how much your looking to do those are your options.. Checks I think are free once a month, and if you do more than that you can use your betpoints to offset any costs if you have enough

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12/10/2012 12:28 PM

Hey Btb. I am from California. I want to withdrawl money but don't know what to use. Either western union or bank draft. I want to withdrawl 1500. If I withdrawl let's say 1500 a week using western union will that go to my bank statement or there is no need to tax it? How about bank drafts, what if I receive 1500 a week. Will I be flagged by the IRS. I just want to know the rules on with drawling without having to file tax or to get flagged. Thanks

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12/12/2012 02:23 AM

Western Unions wouldnt go on your bank statement unless you deposited the money... A check would but I dont think 1500 would get flagged usually transactions over 10k do only but you never know I would ask your accountant to be safe

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12/14/2012 11:35 AM

Western Union for sure.

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08/27/2014 08:36 PM

WU as long as you can continue to use it is not bad at all

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