btb Posts:2271 Followers:163
On 11/30/2012 09:59 AM in Contests

Rogue Goes For 15 tonight!

BOL on #15 tonight. Going to have to think about 20 in a row

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spooky Posts:4651 Followers:320
11/30/2012 10:04 AM

He still has not shared tomorrows newspaper with us so pretty selfish if you ask me.
Would really like to see Sundays paper today so I can get a head start on tomorrows games.

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enzymex Posts:1732 Followers:61
11/30/2012 02:59 PM

What a sick run! Hope you nail your pick Roguesalmon. Rooting for ya!

finance Posts:9075 Followers:230
11/30/2012 03:59 PM

Blows me away - I don't think I've been above 2 for over a month - LOL

Good Luck Rogue!!!

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jimmythegreek Posts:12182 Followers:390
11/30/2012 04:26 PM

Not one reply since the ridiculous. I like your strategy Rogue. Silence is golden! Keep it up!

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mojo822 Posts:583 Followers:6
11/30/2012 05:50 PM

Hopefully he didn't take the T-Wolves

btb Posts:2271 Followers:163
11/30/2012 07:07 PM

this is the game... 11/30/2012 21:05 CS Fullerton vs. Eastern Washington not sure the side yet we will know at 905 EST

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bobalou Posts:5270 Followers:147
11/30/2012 09:31 PM

OH I hope he does well :)

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