Philadelphia vs. Colorado
10 : 9
Washington vs. Chicago
46 : 51
Baltimore vs. Boston
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I dont get it....

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On 11/26/2012 01:19 PM in NFL
Giants lay a beating on the Packers last night... Whats the top story on ESPN NY?

Fireman Ed hanging up his helmet.. BOO HOO.. Give me a break with these Jets already I dont understand how a team so bad, so poorly run grabs the headlines. that off my chest
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Pfile Nickname finance
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11/26/2012 01:54 PM
LOL....Giants just aren't the soap opera.....must be just some crazy Jets fans up there....
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11/26/2012 03:29 PM
I agree... It seems like unless a team has "Drama" they don't get the headlines.... A team with what I call "Class" will never get the headlines (well unless they win the superbowl - then they might get the headline for a day or two)
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