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On 11/12/2012 03:32 PM in NFL

Double Digit Dogs

Always have to love double digit dogs...Going back 20yrs they are over 55% at home closer to 60%. From what I hear however alot of the "wiseguy" money is passing on this one unless it hits 14. Doubt we see that 13 probably...

I personally kind of like the Chiefs here but probably will pass. With Romeo allowing the new D Cord to take over and Pitt getting all the love lately. I think this one will be close with the Chiefs shooting themselves in the foot late

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11/12/2012 03:34 PM

Hopefully the wise guys are right to pass, as I'm with the consensus here and laying the 12....

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11/12/2012 03:42 PM

From what I am seeing here 73% at btb, and our sportsbook feed shows 86% right now. Bookmaker shows 81%.... If this hits 90% will go KC and ride it out with the books

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11/12/2012 04:36 PM

Going to pass here as well. Not even an interesting game, and putting a few bucks on it seems like gas to a fire, not matter the side. Sometimes, I'm just okay with cleaning out the garage, or something more useful than this stinker game.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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11/12/2012 05:05 PM

I here the weather is going to be like last nights game Bears/Texans game....I need the Steelers to cover so that i split the Pick6 pool I'm in