spooky Posts:4077 Followers:294
11/01/2012 03:44 PM

The boss man should be getting power tonight and hopefully can share his experiences with us tonight or tomorrow.
He thanks and appreciates all the kindness and wishes.

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bobalou Posts:4884 Followers:142
11/01/2012 04:47 PM

That would be terrific. WE MISS YOU RYAN!.... GLAD EVERYONE IS SAFE AND SOUND!....

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
Usually on a broomstick but we're flexible like that
finance Posts:8112 Followers:219
11/01/2012 04:53 PM

Wow what an ordeal....been without power for several days through various storms like this and man does it suck....although the worst of my experience has always been in the middle of summer and it's the lack of A/C that's the worst - in this case it's cold so don't know what the lack of heat is like...

Hang in there big guy and pop back in when you can!

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bobalou Posts:4884 Followers:142
11/01/2012 06:13 PM

I went about 5 days without power in Arkansas several years ago due to winter ice storm. Lucky for me we have a fireplace so we were able to gather in front of it for some heat. We pulled mattresses by it at night and took turns watching it and keeping it going. But Finance you are 100% correct. I've been as long without power down here in Louisiana in the summer and it's horrid. I'd much rather have to do without heat. You can always cover up with tons of clothes and blankets but you can only take off so much in the heat and even then you're still HOT!

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
Usually on a broomstick but we're flexible like that
thehitman Posts:2052 Followers:4
11/01/2012 07:26 PM

As Bobalou said, I have been there and know how exasperating it can/will be. I was in NY for vacation and got out on one of the last flights just in time, back home in S Fla. Hang in there, man, my thoughts are with you and my friends & relatives there. The only advice I can give you is don't cave in to the insurance companies. Keep records, memos and don't let them off the hook for anything. Just when you think you have everything listed.....................there is always a thing or two more (or as Curly of the 3 Stooges would say " or three or four or five". And don't be afraid to call them back a few weeks later to add to that list.

Never, ever criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes........for at that point they will be a mile away. And you'll have their shoes !
btb Posts:2227 Followers:158
11/02/2012 09:52 AM

Thanks for all the kind wishes etc.. Means alot!

Rough few days, luckily the family is fine and no one we know got hurt. And send my wishes for speedy recovery to those who might be lurkers or occasional posters here..

So I finally have power and internet. No TV yet, and no heat or hot water which has been the hardest thing to deal with. Hopefully today we get hot water and then maybe by tomorrow we have heat. Got lucky was one of the first to call in for service and since we have little ones the guy bumped us up so they have been running new ducts etc.. in basement and moving new furnace to attic. We bought some space heaters but the fuse box was also under water so the fuses pop whenever we plug them in. Hoping that the electrician can come by today and get them fixed.
Will try and post some pictures later today!

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bobalou Posts:4884 Followers:142
11/02/2012 10:21 AM

It's great to see you back! Take care of the family first and foremost! It's kinda like the motel commercial: you do what you need to and don't worry because we're all here and keeping the lights on for ya!

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
Usually on a broomstick but we're flexible like that
coverit Posts:996 Followers:3
11/02/2012 12:09 PM

Glad you're back Ryan, and everything is okay. (well, obviously, could be WAY worse, so all things considered!)

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

jimmythegreek Posts:10307 Followers:375
11/02/2012 01:45 PM

Good to hear your back up and running Ryan and happy to know that everyone is ok. I still don't have power but thankfully no flood and only a few tree branches and limbs down. Hope to see you back fully operational soon and be safe.

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ryan22 Posts:599 Followers:3
11/03/2012 01:43 AM

God bless ryan