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Marcus Lattimore Injury

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On 10/28/2012 11:28 AM in NCAA Football
Wonder if this just cost him his NFL career.
Brian VanOchten of TownSquareMedia is reporting that the RB tore all four ligaments in his knee (PCL, LCL, MCL, ACL) on top of suffering a broken femur
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10/28/2012 11:33 AM
This poor kid, I feel SOOO bad for him. Seriously, when healthy, just a beast. Loved to watch him play.
Really hope there's some way he can bounce back from this, but it sure doesn't look good. What a horrific looking injury.
I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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  • 10/28/2012 11:37 AM
    Yea with medical care these days I am sure he can come back but probably 2yrs away atleast.
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