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On 10/26/2012 05:23 PM in NCAA Football

plays tonight with stats 151rum

wow..looked and looked and cant find much to sway me either way on louisville/cinncy game opinion louisville-3 public all over cinncy, they arent good as a dog ats, and coming off the loss at toledo, now going toluoisville, i just dont like it.....small play louisville-3 or 3.5 think it will hit 3 tonight

nevada-3.5 at air force
nevada is 6-2 str up and 2-6 ats....on the road 4-0 str up and 2-2 ats......turf 6-2 str up 2-6 ats....conf games they are 3-1 str up 1-3 ats..nevada is avg 44 pts a game on the road this yr, and completing 70% of their passes on the road, while defensively avg 26 pts a game on the road ....
4-3 str up...2-5 ats....home 3-1 str up....1-3 ats.....conf 3-1 str up...1-3 ats...at home airforce avgs 35pts a game, and gives up 23 pts a game....their def gives up a 73% passing comp ... my opinion is nevada will throw the ball alot tonight, while airforce as we know will run and run ...i see this game going over 67pts ..2 stars on over 67
opinion play on nevada-3.5 tonight....

gl all 151rum

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