spooky Posts:4077 Followers:294
On 10/03/2012 06:56 PM in MLB


How fucking awesome is this?

Absolutely amazing!

Lets party!!!!!!!!

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salsage Posts:78 Followers:0
10/03/2012 07:16 PM

Very Cool!

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marksmoneymakers Posts:9046 Followers:137
10/03/2012 08:13 PM

I love it!!!

cajuncapper Posts:422 Followers:1
10/03/2012 08:39 PM

Oakland deserve to make it

bobalou Posts:4884 Followers:142
10/03/2012 09:13 PM

Glad to see them make it! Now for them to just keep rolling!

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jimmythegreek Posts:10305 Followers:375
10/03/2012 09:53 PM

Well-deserved for the dare I say it AL West Champion Oakland A's! What did they make up a 13 game deficit at one point?

This postseason is going to be a barnburner!

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enzymex Posts:1732 Followers:59
10/03/2012 10:39 PM

Amazing! Got to give a lot of credit to Athletics. They have looked like the best leam in the league past 2 months.

sharpsquare Posts:2121 Followers:5
10/04/2012 01:56 AM

One hell of a run from the A's !