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On 09/27/2012 04:15 PM in NCAA Football


This should be a very good game. Both teams can play a bit of defense. Did I say a bit....the CARDINAL held USC to a paltry 14 points and aside from the scorching that LSU gave them, the HUSKIES have held the opponents to 12 and 13 points respectively. But that was against San Diego St and Portland St, and both games were held at Washington. No I think the defensive blue ribbon goes to the Cardinal.

As for offense, this guy Keith Price, a 6'1" junior that threw for 3063 yards in 2011 connecting on 66.7% of his tosses, is pretty good merchandise. He should surpass that milestone this season. A Sophmore named Kasen Williams will be a primary target tonight. But if the Cardinal can stuff Williams, price will be throwing quite a few short passes to the TEs and RBs, and that should not fatten the score much. The RBs are mostly freshmen and a sophmore named Sankey who is only 5'10" and 200 lbs. Sankey did average 9.6 yds on 15 punt returns last season.

Stanford had no trouble on the road last year posting 5 fairly solid wins, which included an OT victory at USC, 56 to 48. But this isn't last season, and Andrew Luck is tossing passes in the NFL for Indianapolis. With Luck at the helm last year Josh Nunes and Brett Nottingham did not get much playing time. Coach, you should have given them more playing time in those lopsided wins you had last year.......but it was the year of the Luck and he was surely highly promoted from the coaching box. But the junior, Nunes, has a strong arm and he has a sophmore WR and two junior TEs that he will go to tonight, if his senior RB Stephan Taylor can not move the sticks. So we might see a lot of short passes by both teams tonight. I guess that is why the ov/un is only 48 or so.

I like the senario of the CARDINAL stuffing Kasen Williams and the TE Jenkins. And if they can move the markers with Taylor, and he should be able to do that, I believe that STANFORD will win, but I tend to think that they will not cover the spread of 7 or so. And they will have to dominate the TOP. Its the "only game in town tonight" unless you want to watch the BROWNS get barbequed in BALTIMORE. so you will have to figure the ov/un out and let me know because I'll play it.

"Everybody plays the fool, sometimes.......there's no exception to the rule."

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09/27/2012 04:39 PM

i'm playin under 48-

jimmythegreek Posts:12460 Followers:391
09/27/2012 04:49 PM

I'm playing Stanford -6.5 and under 48.5

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