Brooklyn vs. Toronto 04/19/2014 12:30 PM
Line: +3    Total: 194
Toronto vs. Cleveland 04/19/2014 01:05 PM
ML: TOR (-105) Total: 8
St. Louis vs. Washington 04/19/2014 01:05 PM
ML: STL (-110) Total: 7½
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stats for my plays 151rum minny/penn st/la tech

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On 09/26/2012 10:46 PM in NCAA Football
ok as posted i am on la tech huge...minny big, and penn st regular play here are some betting stats on those plays

reg play penn st+2 ....penn st is 5-2 ats at ill....not much there

minn+6.5 7 now at iowa.... 2 stars
after 2 or more cons wins minny is 2-0 ats last 3 a dog they are 12-6 ats last 3 yrs.....road games 7-4 ats last 3 yrs...vs conf opp 10-6 ats last 3 yrs....and minny is 2-0 str up and ats last 3 yrs vs iowa....
iowa is as a fav os 3.5 to 10 pts 4-5 ats last 3 yrs.....all games last 3 yrs 11-17 a fav 9-12 ats last 3 yrs...and games on turf iowa is 0-6 ats last 3 yrs? wow

now my big games where line is -3 to +3...they are 5-2 ats last 3 yrs.......all games 18-9 ats last 3 yrs.....after 2 or more str up wins they are 8-1 a road fav they are 3-1 ats....all road games they are 11-3 ats....14-7 ats on grass last 3 yrs,,, very good stats there...
virginia is +3 to -3 games 1-5 ats.......all games last 3 yrs 11-17 sept games they are 3-7 ats last 3.......non conf games 4-7 ats last 3
I LOVE LA.TECH HERE.....sure anything can happen, but tech is going to have to self destruct to lose this game....if they play with not many to's i cant see them losing this..... best of luck to all 151rum hope some of this helps
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