Baltimore vs. Boston 04/21/2014 11:05 AM
ML: BOS (-157) Total: 8½
LA Angels vs. Washington 04/21/2014 07:05 PM
ML: LAA (-105) Total: 8
Kansas City vs. Cleveland 04/21/2014 07:05 PM
ML: CLE (-149) Total: 8
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That was the CRAZIEST Day of Watching NFL Football Yesterday!!!

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On 09/24/2012 02:01 PM in NFL
I have never seen anything like it
The 4th Quarter of the Titans/Lions Game was INSANE!!!....
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Pfile Nickname btb
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09/24/2012 02:13 PM
The start of this season has been crazy...

who would thought the Saints would be 0-3? Pats 1-2?

Not sure how much of this is officials or preparation with new CBA rules taking affect of the preseason etc..
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Pfile Nickname tkornheiser
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09/24/2012 02:45 PM
Det head coach needs a serious kick up the backside, he blew that yesterday.
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Pfile Nickname bobalou
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09/24/2012 05:06 PM
I am not blaming the officials at all but I don't think I have ever watch a game where the re-view booth overturned 5 calls against the same team. Yesterday was in fact a wild one!
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