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On 09/24/2012 01:22 PM in Contests

FREE MNF Square Pool

We finally implemented some new contest software and the first release is square pools... So to test it out running one tonight. To play


Then click on the "learn more" box for MNF Packers vs Seahawks.

Side Note I did notice from going live we have a few small display issues depending on the browser you are using and also the leaderboard on the rightside of the forum is broken on some pages will have those fixed asap!

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09/24/2012 01:38 PM

Easy to enter....Good Luck Everyone!!

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09/24/2012 03:17 PM

thanks for the square pool, I see this is the first.

yisman Posts:661 Followers:47
09/24/2012 03:22 PM

By the way, I noticed a typo.

"4. If winning box is emtpy no prize will be awarded."

Should be empty. :)

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09/24/2012 03:29 PM

thanks made the fix

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09/24/2012 03:41 PM

Thanks for the contest.

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09/24/2012 05:05 PM

Thanks! Fun contest

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09/24/2012 06:04 PM

Thanks for another great contest guys !

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09/24/2012 06:11 PM

great contest thanks

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09/24/2012 06:48 PM

26 Boxes left! Lets get it filled!

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