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TV Questions

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On 09/24/2012 11:45 AM in General
OK the New TV Season (for the most part) starts this week.

LOTS of Great returning shows as well as new ones. (And you guys know me Dancing with the Stars returns tonight) along with Castle and Hawaii 5-0 - not to mention Mike and Molly and Monday night Football (Thank goodness for DVR's and Tivo's lol) (Might as well say Monday is Hunk night)... Oh that won't really work for me cuz we have all the NCIS & CSI guys... OH and we have to include the Big Bang guys... well maybe they aren't hunks but ya gotta admit they keep us laughing - Bazinga

ANYWAY... Last year we had a poll and I think "Person of Interest" was the Hit of the season as far of new shows go... I hate that it comes on opposite Thursday football but that's what remotes and commercials are for - (checking the score)

So... what's it going to be this year - Vegas / Nashville / The Mindy Project / Elementary / The Following... and lots more new ones to pick from... Or should I say for us to rate?

As the week / season progresses I want to hear what the best returning shows and New shows are?

What shows we like / dislike?

Lets give everyone here the heads ups - with so much to watch and record.. I just don't want to miss anything...

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Pfile Nickname finance
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09/24/2012 01:41 PM
My 2 favorites from last year were Touch and Person of Interest....looks like for this year they will be on different nights....Touch did a teaser show last week and the premier is end of October looks like it will be on Fridays...Person of Interest premiers Thursday night!!!
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Pfile Nickname btb
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09/24/2012 03:31 PM
The new Vegas show has some start power, Chiklis was awesome in the Shield.

Cant say I saw any promos for anything else. Nice having boardwalk and Sons back on
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09/24/2012 05:00 PM
Been a fan of Touch from last year, and Boardwalk Empire is cant miss. Shameless I am already looking forward to as well. Still love many of the Travel Channel shows as well. Mysteries at the Museum, Off Limits etc
Dont really watch much of anything on the standard channels so let me know what I should start following.
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09/24/2012 05:02 PM
I'm wondering about Elementary on Thursday nights? I think it's like a modern day Sherlock Holmes on set in New York with a female Watson? Might be a good twist...

I see some that I will be surprised if they survive - Arrow - a superhero show? Not so sure about that one and some of the sit-coms don't look so hot to me.. But then there are few sit-coms I like so I'm not a good judge!

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
Usually on a broomstick but we're flexible like that
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Pfile Nickname thehitman
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09/24/2012 05:55 PM

I know, I'm jsut being a wise acre
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