Chi Cubs vs. Cincinnati 07/10/2014 12:35 PM
ML: CIN (-180) Total: 8
Philadelphia vs. Milwaukee 07/10/2014 02:10 PM
ML: MIL (-210) Total: 8½
Oakland vs. San Francisco 07/10/2014 03:45 PM
ML: OAK (-109) Total: 7
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PlayersINsider...PAUL LEINER 500* MLB MONEYMAKER 9/18

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On 09/18/2012 10:51 AM in MLB
Won big again as 1500* Falcons handle the Broncos. Tonight I have a 500* MLB Moneymaker for you. Had a nice NFL Sunday going 2-0-2 and hitting 1000* Over Saints/Panthers...Last Monday 1500* Over Ravens/Bengals hit in the 3rd quarter...Won 15 out of 21 weeks in the NFL last season... Saturday we went 2-1 in 500* College plays, hitting Purdue and UCLA but missing with Miami...500* Cardinals beat the Mets on Tuesday...Sunday we hit 500* Dodgers...I went 20-8-1 in the Bowls last season and went 75-52-4 overall...Tuesday we beat the books again as 1500* Reds won...Monday we hit 500* Orioles...3-0 on Saturday and cashed with 1000* Over Saints/Texans...Thursday we beat the books again with 1500* Titans coming in...Wednesday we went 2-1 and hit 500* Mariners...Nice hit on Monday as 500* Over Eagles/Patriots comes in...1000* Over Dolphins/Panthers cashed on Friday...1500* Nationals handled the Giants on Wednesday...5-2 this season in 1500* MLB picks...11-3 in 1500* NBA Playoff action...Hit 2000* Over Spurs/Thunder Game 4...13-4 last year in 1000* MLB Picks...Ended the College Hoops season the right way as 2000* Kentucky handled Kansas...went 4-0 in Elite Eight plays...Finished 18-12-1 in the Big Dance...43-27-1 run in 1500* plays...Ended the College Football season with 1000* Alabama beating LSU...15 out of 21 winning weeks in the NFL and 52-36-2 record overall...23-10-1 in 500* College Football plays and a 75-52-4 record...61-43-2 run overall with 1000* plays...We ended another successful College Hoops season...2000* Kentucky was money in the Championship game...164-111-6 run in 1000* or higher plays...Sixty-six 1000* winners in 2011...I went 33-7 (82.5%) last two years in NFL Pre-Season...I hit 70% in my top Football plays last season...I went 28-11-1 in 500* College Football plays and 24-11-2 in 500* NFL plays...finished the College Hoops season with a 157-111-7 record...go to PlayersInsider and let's keep making money.

100* Brewers -125
50* Braves -140

75-52-4 CFB, 157-110-7 CBB, 78-64-1 NBA, 52-36-2 NFL, 171-164-4 MLB
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