ryanchacha Posts:261 Followers:4
On 09/12/2012 05:13 PM in Contests

21k tourney tonight

anyone else entering tonight? top prize is 7k. pretty enticing...

ryanchacha Posts:261 Followers:4
09/12/2012 05:14 PM

oh. on bookmaker. forgot to mention that part.

btb Posts:2230 Followers:158
09/12/2012 09:21 PM

Not playing tonight but love their software for this. Very smooth great tourney overall

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bobalou Posts:4897 Followers:142
09/12/2012 10:58 PM

if anyone played or is playing let us know how you do! GL

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yisman Posts:657 Followers:44
09/13/2012 04:32 PM

I did play. I got out of the first round but lost in the second. :(

I play a lot of the blackjack tournaments but I have not had much luck lately. That tournament was the only one this week where I got out of the first round, I believe.