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On 09/08/2012 01:21 AM in MLB

Wow what a finale in MLB

Awesome night

hatman Posts:655 Followers:16
09/08/2012 01:44 AM

you have a great night.i have to say i have been following your plays and you have to be the best over/under capper i have ever seen.i have been on sports forums as long as anyone that plays here and i have never seen anyone better.keep up the great capping and i do hope that you play some of your picks because it would be a shame to not be making anything off of your plays.again good luck the rest of the year hatman

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09/08/2012 01:51 AM

Thank you I spend many hours on research it nice to have someone acknowledge my work thanks again

ltrig Posts:809 Followers:67
09/08/2012 01:55 AM

Don't forget 10 min before post any match that qualifies sorry I wish I could put them out earlier I know I was a little late on couple today had some personal issues lost track of time