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On 09/07/2012 09:59 AM in General

Goin' Racin' Boys!! (and girls...)

Heading out to the Nascar circuit this weekend - taking my 11 year old daughter to her first race tonight for the Nationwide junior circuit and then my wife and I are going to the Sprint Cup race Saturday night....

Hopefully will be exciting as it's the last race before the chase for the cup starts and there are a couple of big names trying to get the last spot (Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon)...

Nascar really does itself a disservice with the longest season of any of the sports starting in February and going almost to Thanksgiving...the whole chase for the cup goes almost every Sunday against NFL and I'm a pretty big Nascar fan and even I stop paying attention....if they were smart they would shorten the season and the final race for the championship would be this Saturday night before the NFL kicks off on Sunday....but what the hell do I know??? LOL

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