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On 09/06/2012 07:04 PM in Other Sports
Wanted to wish my dear friend JB here at the forum a hearty Congratulations on his retirement today from the service.
His squad will miss him I am sure. But after a lifetime of service (he is that old) it is well deserved.

The good news is that he will have more time to be posting here at the forum. The bad news is he will have more time posting here at the forum.

Either way, wish him all the best in his next journey in life. And look forward to his next re-invention.


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Pfile Nickname jimmythegreek
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09/06/2012 10:59 PM
Well deserved! Congrats JB and best wishes on all of your future endeavors that you will experience during your retirement!
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Pfile Nickname bobalou
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09/07/2012 12:51 AM
WOW JBO - I am truly happy for you! All I can say is I wanna be next! LOL - it won't be the same not seeing you posting from all over the world but the best thing is there is now NO EXCUSE for not having a 2nd half thread every day of Football and Hoops from here on out! I mean really what else do you have to do!!!

Congrats my friend-you truly deserve it after serving your team and our country proudly for all those years!
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Pfile Nickname finance
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09/07/2012 09:35 AM
Congrats JB....looking forward to you hanging around with us more!!!
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Pfile Nickname coverit
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09/07/2012 11:19 AM
Congrats JB! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your service.
I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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Pfile Nickname jb
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09/07/2012 07:43 PM
Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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