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best bet from the best baby

hey guy's I just want to thank this site for letting me post,this will be my only year posting I post on 6 very big site's the reason well there is 2 reasons 1 I did promise my wife. and 2 my health is not real good . but the last 2 or 3 year's I made so much money for my brothers at covers/rx forum/capping the game/sbr/ and more i'm one of COVERS best cappers i'm not bragging it's right on the 1 page, but I just wanted to say ty my friend's this week I went 3-1 but I did not post here this is my 1 time seeing this site. so again this year will be my best of all time after 33 year's in the BUSS i'm 29-4 it will be hard posting here because like I said I post on 6 other sites .but if you want to read my profile my home base is CAPPING THE GAME i'm not posting because I want you to go there but that's my home base everything that you read is 100 percent fact and I use the same name dilaudid8 ty goodnight until next week how much money will you make the sky is the limit

well guy i'm a wise guy a sharp a pro my home base is capping the game. if you want to learn more about me go there and read my profile. everything that you read there is 100 percent fact
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09/03/2012 10:59 AM

Welcome aboard look forward to your plays

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