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On 09/17/2011 09:43 AM in NCAA Football

Week 3Picks = Baby Coming Home

So wont be around much today, going to get my wife and baby today! They finally get to come home. Here is what I got so far, may add more if time allows

Stanford -9.5 5 units
cin -33 3units
ten +9 2 units
unc - 10 5 units

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btb Posts:2245 Followers:160
09/17/2011 09:47 AM

Adding Minny -4.5 5units

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  • All Time Record: 265-292-7
junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
09/17/2011 09:51 AM

Good Luck and enjoy this big day with the family

bobalou Posts:4958 Followers:144
09/17/2011 09:54 AM


and Congrats again... I know you're excited that the wife and baby are coming home today. :) Be sure can give them our best and {{{ HUGS }}} from ME!

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09/17/2011 09:57 AM

The Bearcats will have that 5 TD spread covered at halfitme! GL Ryan

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