jimmy2bets Posts:118 Followers:3
On 08/14/2012 04:58 AM in MLB

What's up with the Angels??

They are killing me right now!!

roobz Posts:14 Followers:0
08/14/2012 07:42 AM

They cost me a 5 team parlay paying 17-1! The may have just found themselves on my do not bet list.

jimmy2bets Posts:118 Followers:3
08/14/2012 10:44 AM

They've lost me a pretty penny also! A team on paper that should be dominating, but look medicore on the field, mind boggling??!

coverit Posts:996 Followers:3
08/14/2012 11:48 AM

I do not get it at all . When they pitch, they can't hit. More often than not lately though, they hit, but just can't pitch. I don't get it either.

I'm one of few Angel fans, (I think) that believe Scioscia should be let go and they should start with new blood. He micro manages, and is still living off the WS win 10 years ago. I know he's well respected and thought of as a great manager, but I'm not so sure.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

roobz Posts:14 Followers:0
08/14/2012 12:22 PM

I'm from So Cal originally...tons of Angel-fan friends. They are the Clippers of the baseball world right now. Always have talent but can't put it together.