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On 08/13/2012 10:24 AM in General

Saratoga 8/13....

There were no friday results as everything was off the turf by post time. Nothing to report....

Monday... Not quite sure the TURF is going to be in the same condition it was prior to Friday. We had a true turf course for a while. Remember in my seasonal write up I said this turf is softer and deeper than most. I personally feel it takes a while for this to dry up so even if they list it at FIRM it may not be AS FIRM as it was when we had no rain for weeks. Horses take different to surfaces. I see now that today is listed at GOOD.

Race 4... two horses stick out The Snickers Kid and Synthesizer. I have seen both of these run and the The Snickers Kid did very well. If he runs to form again he can go. Sythesizer is another, but if I remember correctly, this horse did not have a good ride. Checked in turn and stretch. We also have Linda Rice on a turf Sprint so we have to include her in anything we play, but she has 2 entries. I prefer Joel Rosario riding on the turf over Castro. So lets box 9-8-2.
The morning line favorite is the 4, but I am going against it. If you want to play it safe add the 4 and take out one of my choices.

Race 5 5-8-10 box

Race 7 Maiden race so you just dont know. But again we hace scenarios with trainer and jockeys..... Costellano rides a Pletcher mount, Lezcano rides a Brown mount (which belongs to Costellano usually). And we have Desormeaux on the turf (again, I prefer him on longer races). Johnny Velazquez gets a Graham Motion mount which is rare cause he always rides for Pletcher. What to make of this...... Johnny V is % wise the best jockey at the meet, just does not have enough rides to win. Box 8-4-2. Tough race!!!

Race 9 We have an unknown if the 2 horse. don't recognize the jockey or trainer, but it is his only mount of the day. Has to be here for a reason for the feature race. I really like the 6 in this race to win.
Box 6-2-9

Race 10 box 2-5-6, but if the 11 gets in, use the 11. take 5-6-11

I would not take this day to the bank. Again, turf may not be prime for some horses. Some trainers could be sending them out for ride to see how they do or preping for another race.

Good luck if you choose to follow.

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08/14/2012 09:53 AM

Well a tough day but a day that could have been one of our best. If you went on your own and chose some win bets you won some money.....

Race 4 Synthesizer pays $40.00 to win. I knew the horse had a bad trip last time out. He ran well today. Had nothing behind it in the exacta box. $40.00 winner with nothing behind it could have been HUGE! Hope someone took the horse to win.

Race 5 We have the 10 horse winner, nothing else. UGH!

Race 7 we have the 2nd and 3rd place, but no winner.

Race 9 we had the winner in the 2, but I really liked the 6 to win and it did nothing. Just a bad call on this race.

Race 10. We get hosed by the 1 horse otherwise we have the the exacta and triple box again. Said box 2-5-6 comes in
1--5-6-2 So close.

NO races today.
Going on Wednesday for a few races and big day saturday with a group of people.