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Thursday 8/2 Saratoga

First two races are steeplechase races.......Who the heck knows what can happen in these things.... I wont touch them...
but if you are inclined the better trainers are VOSS, and Sheppard with the better jockeys being Kingsley, Dowling and Hodson. That is really all I can tell you. (I dont see Kingsley riding at all).

Race 4 PASSING dont have to bet every race. LOL!!

Race 5 $ ex. box 4-3-2 I stick with Laparoux on the inner turf (3 horse). If the 12 horse gets in feel free to use that.

Race 8 box 2-10-4 I do like the 2 to come in 1st or 2nd.

Race 10 Tough race based on scenarios here. If the 11 gets in then we use the 11. I have a feeling the 9 or 10 will be scratched, so pay attention. We have LeParoux on the inner turf (4 horse), we have Costellano with Chad Brown on the turf (9 horse) we have my favorite trainer in JJ Toner on the turf (6 horse) and we have Desormeaux on the turf on the 11 horse, if he gets in. Feel free to use what you want here...... I have to go with the 11 if it gets in.... 11-9-6 ex. box
if you want to go w a 4 horse box go ahead... 11-9-6-4. but for this thread I stick at $12 box. On my own I will be doing Triples with the 11-6 over 4-9, and 11-9 over 4-6.

Race 11 $2 box 2-5-7 Maiden race......feel free to pass if you want. Note JJ Toner has the 12 if it gets in, but he is not known for his maiden ponies. He is more of a second time out trainer.

On a note here, in my seasonal write up I mentioned how things would be different with Johnny Velazquez out and Costellano getting the Todd Pletcher mounts. Well Ramon Dominquez is getting the Chad Brown mounts now. Costellano was Chad Browns guy. Look who is the leading rider Costellano is wondering if he made the right move.

Good luck if you choose to follow.

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08/02/2012 12:39 PM

Thanks Dietz....

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08/02/2012 02:13 PM

GL today

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08/03/2012 09:54 AM

Well we didnt bet the steeplechase races, but if you followed the jockey advice you would have won some money.
Dowling and Hodson came in 2nd and 3rd, Hodson won the the next race paying $52.00 to win. Hopefully someone followed and won $$$

Race 5 We get the winner with Laperoux on the 3, nothing else.

Race 8 NOthing.......I loved the 2 horse and it could never get off the rail. Got locked in and checked all though the stretch. Just a poor ride by Ken Desormeaux.

Race 10 NO BET 11 and 9 got scratched. All the writing for nothing.

Race 11 win with the 5-7 exacta, payed $27.80

Lose about $8.20 on the day.

Hopefully someone made money on the steeplechase.

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08/03/2012 10:06 AM

I know it's always better to win! But I love the ponies and to come away less than 10 down isn't so bad to me (well if it doesn't happen on a daily bases)

Thanks Dietz and looking forward to our next trip!

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
Usually on a broomstick but we're flexible like that