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On 06/27/2012 12:12 AM in NCAA Football

Playoffs in College come 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) - College football will finally have a playoff. Come 2014, the BCS is dead.

A committee of university presidents on Tuesday approved the BCS commissioners' plan for a four-team playoff to start in two years.

"A four team playoff doesn't go too far," Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger said. "It goes just the right amount."

The move completes a six-month process for the commissioners, who have been working on a new way to determine a major college football champion after years of griping from fans.

"There were differences of views," Steger said. "I think it would be a serious mistake to assume it was a rubber stamp."

Instead of simply matching the nation's No. 1 and No. 2 teams in a championship game after the regular season, the way the Bowl Championship Series has done since 1998, the new format will create a pair of national semifinals. No. 1 will play No. 4, and No. 2 will play No. 3. The sites of those games will rotate among the four current BCS games - Rose, Orange, Fiesta and Sugar - and two more to be determined.

The winners will advance to the championship.

The teams will be selected by a committee, similar to the way the NCAA basketball tournament field is set.

The commissioners want to lock in this format for 12 years with a television partner. The current BCS deal with ESPN runs through the 2013 season. The new format will be presented to potential TV partners in the fall, starting with ESPN.

There are still some details to work out, but all the decision-makers are on board.

Lower divisions of college football already have a playoff, but the highest level has always used bowls and polls to determine its champion. Those days are coming to an end.

"By making this change we felt we could enhance the regular season but at the same time provide the fans with the kind of postseason that will contribute to the regular season," Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive said.

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bobalou Posts:4887 Followers:142
06/27/2012 10:07 AM

This has been a long time in coming! I hope it works out

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
Usually on a broomstick but we're flexible like that
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06/27/2012 10:14 AM

Interesting that they've set it up like another Superbowl....cities bidding on it - damn there's going to be some cash flying around...

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bobalou Posts:4887 Followers:142
06/27/2012 10:33 AM

I'm kinda excited about it... wish it was starting sooner!!! But I am sure it will take til 2014 to get it all set!

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...
Usually on a broomstick but we're flexible like that
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06/28/2012 11:04 AM

I honestly think this is the best they could do without losing the integrity, (what's left anyway) of the Bowls.
8 team playoff and I think it diminishes it even more, although I'd be fine if they did so.

It's all a money grab anyway. Over the past 20 years, the NCAA has become more corrupt than ever, in my opinion, and even though college football is my favorite sport, it's certainly not what it used to be.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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06/28/2012 11:31 AM

Funny that its already being debated because it could still potentially block a Boise St out of a chance at the title...

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07/02/2012 10:27 AM

really it just a plus one game, which is better than the BCS

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07/18/2012 07:23 PM

I actually think they didn't go far enough, but it's a start.

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07/31/2012 08:22 PM

I think it is a step in the right direction. Right now you will always have a number 3 or 4 team complaining they should be in it. With the new system you may have the same thing except it being number 5 or 6 moaning they should be in. Cannot please everybody, but like I is a step in the right direction.