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2nd Half MLB Contest?

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On 06/22/2012 01:40 PM in Contests
Would you guys prefer a full second half MLB contest or another monthly one? would be similar to the NBA playoff contest in highest units won.. Prizes would be higher in the full half season(reg season only) let me know. Will fire it off July 1 or July 11th right after all star game
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  • 06/25/2012 06:45 PM
    I like monthly, I suppose
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Pfile Nickname bobalou
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06/22/2012 02:02 PM
I kinda like the idea of the 2nd half of the season contest.
The NBA Playoff contest with the units was pretty awesome.

With so many games each day would you still limit it to no more
than one or two picks a day? Just curious? (I suppose I could just wait for the rules lol)

BTW, I'm going to stick this for a couple days so all will see it!

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Pfile Nickname jimmythegreek
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06/22/2012 02:06 PM
Either or for me is fine. I like to keep consistency on a monthly basis but if it means bigger prizes spread out over a larger time period I'm all for it as well. Considering it would be strictly second half seems to be fair and would take place just before the ASB. I was thinking to use all cumulative records before hand but that would only apply if it were a full seasonal contest. Great idea!
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Pfile Nickname finance
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06/22/2012 03:24 PM
Either is OK with me too....
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Pfile Nickname boogyman
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06/23/2012 11:49 PM
Either way will be ok by me. Thanks Ryan for the hard work that you put into the site.
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