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On 09/14/2011 04:27 PM in NCAA Football

plays in 151rum

over 59 boise st 2 stars
bg-8 2 stars 9 now
lsu-3.5 2 stars
duke+7 1 star
houston-7 1 star

teasers in aub+9.5/lsu+3/mich st+11/miami fla+4/ucla+10/utah+10.5

houston-2/miami fla+3.5/stanf-3.5


others im looking at miami fla-2.5...n.dame-4....ucla+3.5..tenn+9.5 gl all 151

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09/14/2011 04:34 PM

Good Luck 151 good stuff thanks

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09/14/2011 06:14 PM

GL 151 picks are looking good :)

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