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One of the biggest choke jobs ever.

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On 05/17/2012 12:53 AM in NBA
I've been a Laker fan since I was a little kid. I'm sick to my stomach right now. SICK. Should be 1-1 with two at Staples. Now? Seriously, series is over with. As much as I love Kobe Bryant, he made some unbelievable mental f-ups in the final 2 minutes. Play that 2 minutes again, and they win 9 out of 10 times. The only one that counts, happens to be the 10th time.

SICK SICK SICK. I will pour a huge Jack Daniels before bed tonight, but probably still wake up in the middle of the night. Sucks being a diehard fan sometimes.
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05/17/2012 10:09 AM
I dont understand how Blake takes the last shot. Dont you put the ball in your best players hands?
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05/17/2012 10:11 AM
Of course you do. However a cross court pass is risky not being open with limited time left and Blake had the wide open look. I know if I am that open with Westbrook misreading the play I'm going to take the shot and have my best rebounders underneath hoping for a rebounded putback by Bynum. Put this loss on Kobe and coach Brown. When you're down 1 with :18 left and you know your opponents have a foul to give, you set yourself up for several chances. Even if you miss the shot and foul off the rebound, at worst it is still a one possession game and you set yourself up for another opportunity at worst extending the game. You don't run the clock down knowing OKC is exercise the foul they had to give.
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05/17/2012 10:12 AM
Really is a remarkable blow-up from a veteran team...amazing how the wheels can just completely come off like that...
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05/17/2012 11:16 AM
I know I am in the minority as far as this site goes (rooting for OKC) but I will say I have to agree! I was shocked at the way the Lakers kinda gave that game away! Getting 4 of the last 5 is definately not impossible but it will be a HUGE challenge over a team like OKC (IMHO)
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