junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
On 09/12/2011 09:43 AM in NFL

Are we going to follow or fade the Public?

At this time public is on

NE 77%
DEN 61%
NE/ OVER 69%

What you guys think?

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09/12/2011 09:52 AM

I'm already on New England but bet it earlier at -6...would probably still take them at -7 but not at 7.5 if it goes there...

I'll take Brady over Henne at less than a TD any day of the week...probably means it's a trap though - LOL...

No real opinion on the other game...

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junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
09/12/2011 10:05 AM

I lean to Oak but not touching any games tonight. Just always interesting to see what the public is doing and when it is 70% or more gets real interesting GL