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05/01/2012 07:44 PM

I got Betittogetit's pick and sent the issue to the programmers so hopefully we have it resolved by lunch time tomorrow. If anyone else has issues please email me ryan @ its easier for me to find out about issues via email if I am not watching on the forum

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thehitman Posts:2114 Followers:4
05/02/2012 12:57 PM

Is betit using AOL?? If so, he needs to use IEoption instead. Contest software/AOL software won't work.

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05/02/2012 01:07 PM

No his issue was weird he joined but on the makes pick page he only had the option to make a streaker pick. It should be resolved now.

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betittogetit Posts:409 Followers:21
05/02/2012 04:04 PM

Ryan, it's OK now

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05/19/2012 05:21 PM

No you shouldnt be able to see what game they picked, this way if it comes down to a game a player couldnt bet with or against to possibly win the contest. This way basically they make there own pick

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06/17/2012 09:10 PM

btb new here, any MLB contest going on now? It looks like everything is outdated.

  • 06/17/2012 10:49 PM

    All contests are listed here..

    the JUne POD is too late to get enough picks in. The Streak is always open. More to come in July.

    FYI no advertising. Thanks!

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