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04/12/2012 01:58 PM

yesterday 1-4 -6.03 units season 13-12 -.94 units best bet pick 3-1

tough day yesterday best bet got killed,giants score alot of runs and their ace on the hill and he gets shelled.o well back to the drawing board.

two games today so here goes

mil.brewers pk 2 units

san fran pk 3 units best bet play------sticking with them again today

be back in a minute

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04/12/2012 01:59 PM

san fran is -120 and mil brewers is -124

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04/13/2012 10:32 AM

yesterday 1-1 +.52 units season 14-13 -.42 units best bet pick 4-1

hi everyone i have 1 pick for the early games today and it is my p.o.d play and my best bet pick

det.tigers pk -112 3 units best bet play

i will be back with a few more later

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04/13/2012 10:51 AM


texas pk -154 2 units

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04/15/2012 12:36 PM

friday 1-1 -1.36 units season 15-14 -1.78 units best bet pick 4-2

hi everyone,i have a huge card today.this card has everything two nba plays,three 3 unit plays and one 4 unit play. you can mix and match with parlays,teasers or straight plays.this is a early make or break card because the units will go up or down big time .i think this is a strong card so sit back and lets hope we have alittle luck today

1.5 unit plays
cincy -101
philly -1.5 +115
cleveland -110
colorado -112

2 unit plays
dallas +2----nba
miami -2----nba

2.5 unit play
dodgers -1.5 +120

3 unit plays
atlanta under 8.5 -110
miami under 8 -110
detroit -113

4 unit play
texas -155-----best bet of the day

well thats it good luck everyone if we are up at the end of the day(and i hope we are) might be back with the 8pm game.

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04/16/2012 07:05 PM

yesterday 6-5 +.75 units season 21-19 -1.03 units best bet pick 5-2

i wish it could have been alittle better sunday but my best bet hit and on the plus side is nice.i have 5 games tonight so here goes

1 unit play
washington -1.5 runs -115

1.5 unit play
la angels -1.5 runs +120

2 unit play
bal orioles pk +108

2.5 unit play
philly pk -115

3 unit play and best bet play
detroit pk -170

ok thats it good luck e1

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04/16/2012 08:06 PM

run lines are the way to go on those big favs.


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04/17/2012 06:45 PM

yesterday 5-0 +10.16 units season 26-19 +9.13 units best bet pick 6-2

nice day finally but long season and 1 good day dont make the year.got 2 games for tonight so here goes

arizona -1.5 runs +110 2 units

boston under 9 -110 2.5 units and my best bet play

good luck e1

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04/18/2012 07:35 PM

yesterday 0-2 -4.75 units season 26-21 +4.38 units best bet pick 6-3

just 1 game tonight

detroit pk -112 1.5 units

gl e1

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04/19/2012 02:22 PM

yesterday 1-0 +1.50 units season 27-21 +5.88 units best bet 6-3

i have 2 games on the card today so here goes

texas pk -122 1.5 units
philly over 6.5 -110 1.5 units

thats it gl e1