Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh
2 : 5
St. Louis vs. Washington
8 : 0
NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay
8 : 2
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Pfile Nickname gamblinrose
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04/05/2012 01:44 PM
Hey! I have a question re: this contest MLB POD.......

& PLZZZZ don't scream at me!!!!!! I think I've read all the rules I can find!!!! But I don't see the rule about "ML limits"

being like last year? Max -130? I had ask Mark earlier about the hoops having a limit & was told no.......

Also while I have your undivided attention!! LMAO I thought by posting daily plays in monitor "make picks" it auto entered you in a contest also???? I see my post everwhere except I didn't get credit in the MLB Contest for my ST Louis pick yesterday 4/4. ???

Since I'm not a computer ENGINEER I am having trouble figuring it all out???? Please HELP ME!!!!


"A Closed Mouth Gathers No Feet"!
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Pfile Nickname btb
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04/05/2012 03:19 PM
I think the limit is set to -300 but its rare you even see a game like that. Where did you post your pick? In the forum? if so all contests are held now in the contest section CLICK HERE

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