Chi White Sox vs. Cleveland 07/12/2014 03:05 PM
ML: CLE (-170) Total: 9
NY Yankees vs. Baltimore 07/12/2014 04:05 PM
ML: BAL (-135) Total: 9
Atlanta vs. Chi Cubs 07/12/2014 04:05 PM
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Finally watched "Moneyball" last night...

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On 02/18/2012 10:26 AM in General
Good flick, took me back too! I remember riding the A's on that incredible streak, I think Marc did the same, and winning a good amount of money. In fact, the Angels had a couple streaks either that year, or the following, as well.

Not sure I'd call it Oscar worthy? Must be a down year. Pitt was good, so was Jonah, but Oscar nominations? Not sure about that. My only gripe with the movie, didn't really touch on why the A's were so hot and pretty good that year. Mulder, Hudson, and Zito. All young, and all hot that year. Pretty good rotation to start with. I think that was Tejada's rookie season too, when he won Rookie of the Year. Still, I remember Chad Bradford and him pitching really well. Nobody took a flier on him because he was a submariner? Who cares, dude could get outs! '
Good flick though, really did enjoy it.
I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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02/18/2012 11:02 AM
Same here Cover. It was more enjoyable due to the fact being an A's fan. And remembering so many of the moments. But yeah they didnt touch on the pitching. But it was pretty cool watching some of the highlights since I went to a couple of playoff games against the Yankees and can say I was in a movie sitting in the right field stands right after 911.

Wife thought it was very slow, but just amazing how they can make a oscar nominated movie about the A's yet do nothing about getting them a new stadium and allowing them to compete in an era where only big market teams can enjoy year to year success in baseball.

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02/18/2012 05:04 PM
i havent seen it yet, but have heard its worth the rent. being a royals fan, i love to see small market teams competing well in the league
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02/18/2012 09:27 PM
I keep passing over this one something just stops me every time before I either order it on netflix or on demand.. Maybe I will pull the trigger on it tonight
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