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On 02/01/2012 07:16 AM in Contests


1st *Bigcat21 (14-8)(+520)
2nd Hitmen44 (16-10)(+500)
3rd *enzymex (18-12)(+480)
4th ***Finance (13-9)(+310)

shantystar (16-12)(+280)
*aakj (15-12)(+180)
8550937 (11-9)(+110)
*Gamblinrose (12-11)(-010)
Joelwoods (12-11)(-010)
jimmythegreek (13-12)(-020)
*Deadphish (15-14)(-040)
*Mark’smoney (15-14)(-040)
Sharpsquare (9-11)(-310)
JB (9-11)(-310)
Thehitman (9-11)(-310)
Mojo822 (10-12)(-320)
Nikalibobwa (8-12)(-520)

*indicates a tie and counts towards pick requirement.

Congrats to this months winners!! Lets give it a day or so and Ryan will get those winners credited.

Everybody welcome to play in February. Please make sure you read the rules and requirements.

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02/01/2012 09:54 AM

Great job by the top 4! NBA is as tough as a crap shoot. And we're already a third of the way in.

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02/01/2012 10:37 AM


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02/01/2012 11:18 AM

Congrats will get this all in later today

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02/01/2012 11:27 AM

Congrats! Winning a month long POD is no easy task!

GL EVERYONE with February's contest !!!

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02/01/2012 03:04 PM

congrats bigcat

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02/01/2012 07:22 PM

congrads on the winners

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02/03/2012 02:32 PM

Got credited the freeplay, thanks!

The prizes are freeplay instead of cash this season?