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BYU or Tulsa??

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On 12/30/2011 01:19 AM in NCAA Football
I'm having a hard time deciding on which team in this game, the over or the under...I need some help from you folks. I am leaning towards BYU and the over, as these are nothing more than opinion plays at this point.

Help a BTB brother out and PLEASE tell me who/what you are taking and why.

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Pfile Nickname joelwoods
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12/30/2011 01:36 AM
I have the over the spread is too close to bet on But I would go with BYU if you need to make a bet
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Pfile Nickname slave
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12/30/2011 02:00 AM
Sorry jb I posted once but it showed up as a double post so I deleted it.

I will be playing BYU and the over tomorrow.

I've leaned on your plays several times this season (thanks) and wish you the BOL for the rest of the football season.
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Pfile Nickname bobalou
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12/30/2011 03:07 AM
I kinda like the over as well. Both teams can score and I have to agree I think they are pretty evenly matched to pick a side. Gun to my head I'd probably roll with BYU but lucky for me I don't have todos that choice!
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