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On 12/21/2011 05:03 PM in NCAA Basketball


season (+12.80units) / ats (8-4) +6.10 / sides (2-3) -1.50 / ML gross (+8.20)

OkySt @ Bama
Defensive matchup on (OkSt's) keiton page will be the key here. Last yr bama HC Grant put relaford on him which was a mistake imho. That won't happen this yr b/c bama needs his energy on O-fence. So one of the other guards (2 in mind)will have the assignment, their all long with 6-8 inches in height for him. Oakey St needs keiton page in the flow, without him on the road after facing 2 physical defenses, add the fact it's a revenge game from last yr spells trouble. Surprised if okst. gets to 55 here. value here even with Bama's offensive challenged bunch, layem. Plenty of good matchups tonite. William&Mary please meet Iona one of the fastest teams out there(that play fast). Imho to much speed here for bill&mary and the linemakers know it. layem -18. All other plays would include write ups and are just as strong imho, but short on time. Most of the time avoiding (favs&overs) is key. However early in college hoops there's VALUE on certain favs&totals after careful analysis.

Early Card:

6c UL Mon/IndySt. Ovr 130
6c Iona 18
6c S.Hall/Dayton U 133-

7c UL Laff +2
8c Bama 8
8c Mtenn/Olemiss U137
6pack .. 2 units each

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12/21/2011 05:08 PM

Good luck

NFL 2011: 35-18-2 = 66%
NFL 2012 2-4-2

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12/21/2011 08:28 PM

Good luck tonight plane

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12/21/2011 11:46 PM

Night 4-1-1 (+5.80 units)

(L) ULMon/IndySt. O130- (35-50) shitfest
(P) Iona 18 (65-83) 17 was out there missed it
(W) SHall/Dayton U133- (69-64) hookd em
(W) ULLaff +2 (61-60)
(W) Bama 8 (69-52) Mark was 55 for okey st. as mentioned above. (52) tonite
(W) MTenn/OleMiss U137 (56-68)